This post was originally written on June 2017 when we visited Wayanad during the monsoon.

When we first decided to go to Wayanad for a long weekend, I had no idea what the place would really be like. We had booked a cottage in Coffee Acres Plantation resort, a beautiful resort only around 4 kms away from the main city of Kalpetta. The pictures looked lovely and we had a discount from Goibibo. So, the choice was pretty easy. But while planning this trip during a busy week, we hadn’t really realized how the place or the experience would be. Both Nachi and I have become unusually pre-occupied with work lately and therefore, felt glad to just get away from the usual monotony and stress for a couple of days. The place didn’t matter. The away-from-usual part, did.

Monsoon in Kalpetta

Now as I lay on bed at 1 am, wide awake because of my long afternoon slumber, I feel more alive than I have felt in a long time. I can hear the soft and soothing pitter-patter of raindrops tapping on the innumerable plants just outside our cottage. It has been raining in Kalpetta ever since we have arrived. We were in fact welcomed to Kerala by an early morning shower that washed away all the dust and exhaustion from the surrounding greenery and created the illusion of a freshly painted Monet.

Rain on the way to Wayanad
Rain on the way to Wayanad

And after a long, long time, I actually enjoyed the rains. Without the mundane but real worries like “Will I be able to get a cab after 6 pm in this drizzle?” or “Will there be a power-cut throughout the night because of the rain?”- crises that all Bangaloreans are familiar with, the whimsical showers brought more delight than concern, today. It has been over 12 hrs since we have arrived here, but it still feels like a dream.

In the Heart of Nature

The Coffee Acres Plantation Resort is better than I had imagined. We told the manager while checking in that we have no plans of going sightseeing and so, would prefer a room with a view. And man, did he understand our requirement!!

Our cottage in Coffee Acres Plantation, Wayanad
Our cottage in the midst of the jungle

The entire morning, we sat right by the closed glass doors of our balcony, watching different types of birds flying around the trees and thickets that surround this resort. A little blue Robin hopped onto the ledge of our balcony and played around on its own. Two majestic Horn-bills sat on our balcony for a really long time, with their heads moving from left to right in perfect synchronization, much like a choreographed dance duet. But if you want to watch beautiful birds from such a close distance, you need to be exceptionally quiet. You have to understand that it’s not ‘your’ territory, it’s theirs. The complete stillness is merely the price you pay for that one precious glimpse of these Elysian creatures. To quote one of my favorite poems,

To force the pace and never to be still

Is not the way of those who study birds

Or women. The best poets wait for words.

– Nissim Ezekiel

The Sound of Silence

So, we waited for words, patiently and still. In fact, for hours, neither of us uttered a single word and just silently enjoyed the view. It didn’t bother us at all and to be honest, we were glad that there was no one to break this delicate web of silence. As we filled our lungs with the aroma of filter coffee and the wet, wild soil during sunset, it was only the birds, frogs and crickets that shattered this silence with a strange and strong cacophony of their songs. We couldn’t see them, but the intensity and closeness of the sound told us that just because the are not visible, doesn’t mean they are not all around.

Some red wild flower
Wild flower

We walked around aimlessly around the properties of Coffee Acres Plantation in the rain and whispered sometimes, about beauty and nature and life. We had both agreed on the meaninglessness of life a thousand times already, for years. But today, we decided to argue in favor of finding some meaning on some days like this. I occasionally hummed songs from my childhood and he narrated some little stories from his school days or his hometown that are too irrelevant and insignificant to be told amidst the hustle of a busy city life. But mostly, we remained silent and watched nature to the talking.

The Joy of Doing Nothing

There is a TV in the room, but on days like this, darkness and quiet feel much more comforting than the distraction of flashing news. I am lucky that Nachi feels the same way. In an urban life full of noise and commotion, it’s rare to land up with someone who is totally okay with not doing anything, not even conversing.

We had already discussed and decided that we won’t be going for any sightseeing as well, because that is not what vacations are to us. Unlike our parents, who used vacations as a means to gather stories of new experiences that will be reiterated to family and friends for the umpteenth time, we go to vacations to find ourselves.

I have discovered the hard way that memories that are made while going to notable places are usually meant to entertain others. They come out through funny anecdotes and beautiful photographs and impress many. But memories that are made while sitting amidst the vast and expanding stretch of mysterious mother nature, talking about life and its meaning, have no such obligation. They cannot be captured well through DSLRs, nor can they be turned into funny, interesting stories. Such memories are created in the nooks and crevices of our thoughts and they stay with us for longer, in its purest form. Because truth be told, we don’t make these memories at all. These memories make us.

If you’d like to stay in Coffee Acres Plantation, you can make a booking through Goibibo like we did, or you can browse through many other beautiful properties in Kalpetta or Mananthavady in the Wayanad district.