Painting of galaxy by Sanchari
A painting of galaxy by me

There have been times, innumerable times, when we have stepped out of ourselves because of love and for those we loved. We have wanted to be loved and understood desperately, no matter what the cost. We have tirelessly tried to make ourselves smaller, more lovable, more presentable by others’ standards for such a long time that we have forgotten what it is like to be our own selves… untamed, whimsical, brave and fierce irrespective of the love we did or did not receive. We have forgotten that the universe too, is unlovable and mysterious to those ignorant of its beauty, those who turn a blind eye to anything unusual, big and scary. Well, don’t you worry about being understood, you beautiful child. Don’t mangle yourself into a tube that can barely contain your fire. Let those cynics open their damn eyes and see you for exactly who you are: a dark, unfathomable galaxy lit with a thousand stars.