Millions of years ago (or so it seems), when I was barely halfway through college, I used to desire one specific shade of Lakme lipstick. It was called Red Coat. I would secretly stare at the full, luscious lips of the model who used to smile at me from my desktop screen, the lipstick shining on her, like a piece of blood diamond. I couldn’t afford it, of course. My mother used to give me thirty rupees every day for lunch and transport and I could barely save enough to even watch a movie with my friends without asking for more money. But every time I would sneak a look at that pretty face wearing red coat, my young adult heart will flutter frantically with desire, inside my usual cage of guilt. Why am I being so greedy, I would wonder. My mother is struggling so hard to make ends meet for the both of us, and here I am, lusting over luxurious yet unimportant consumer goods. I would quickly close the window that housed the ad and go back to studying with a frown.

My latest order from Nykaa arrived yesterday. I had ordered for some lipsticks and while swatching them one by one, I suddenly realized that in that box, lay Red Coat, the lipstick of my dreams. I didn’t even see the name of the shade while placing my order. I liked the color and so I bought it. But as this sudden realization hit me on the face, I teared up a little like that stupid young adult whose desires were never free from guilt.

Sanchari wearing Lakme Red Coat lipstick
Me wearing the lipstick

No, the lipstick is nowhere in the league of Mac or Bobby Brown, but I could tell without any doubt, that it is going to be my favorite one. As I caressed its shiny rose gold case, crying and laughing at the same time, I remembered what Forrest’s mother would tell him from time to time: “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Yeah, life has a strange way of coming to a full circle.

The featured image in this post is used from Etsy.