We have been friends forever and now married for the past 5 years. We are the Amazon Videos an Chill kind of a couple enjoying the pleasure of our simple, unhappening lives. We believe in daydreaming about traveling the world and fulfill those desires whenever possible. We are ardent worshippers of food, especially the fattening, decadent kind and find it very hard to have an austere adult diet full of fruits and greens and umm… quinoa. We photograph random things. We are obsessed with stories. We love unplanned dates and adventures. And most importantly, no matter our circumstances, we often find many reasons to wink and laugh at and with each other even in the humdrum of everyday life.

What started with sharing pictures and anecdotes about our lives over social media, has now culminated into a blog where we plan to document the innumerable little moments that touch us and move us, moments that would otherwise be forgotten in this neverending rush to find great moments of significance. We hope to continue this journey for as long as we can because revelling in those little joys of life gives us meaning and unbeknown to us, it has become a big part of our ethos as individuals and as partners for life.