Well, it will officially be 2 weeks of the lockdown in a few days and we are slowly but steadily running out of groceries and poultry. I have forgotten how it feels like to walk on the street because you guessed it right, Nachi is doing the grocery runs. I’m a little worried for my mother who is 1500 kms away right now. She has been largely okay so far, thanks to my amazing aunt and her family who have taken her in and keeping her safe. But you know, a daughter just worries…

Work from home was ugly at first, what with the thousand distractions of cleaning and cooking. But on the second week, it has somehow settled down nicely, like a well-oiled machine, right into our lives. Whoever said that humans are creatures of habit, was absolutely right. Be it order or chaos, give us enough time and we’ll settle like pros kicking ass. Amazing, right?

Just yesterday

While doing the dishes just yesterday, I heard Nachi mumble something to himself from the living room. He was mopping there and I didn’t want to be the lady who cruelly walks on the clean, wet floor. So, as usual, I screamed from the kitchen sink, “W-H-A-T???”

He came in. He looked annoyed. “I don’t know why people all over Facebook are cribbing about being bored so much! Have you seen the stupid memes that have come up about people counting sugar granules on Bourbon biscuits because there’s nothing better to do these days? Ugh!”

“Yes, I’ve seen them. They’re funny. Why are you so mad at them?” I asked still confused.

“I’m not mad at them”, he sighed, “It’s just that I feel this is so great! Working from home with you, sweating together and taking care of our apartment, side by side, me cooking as you hum while writing something, we crying on the sofa watching stupid Grace and Frankie, we, planning leftover food recipes meticulously and being excited for it… I mean this is EVERYTHING I have ever wanted! I don’t feel bored at all. If anything, I want this full time. And of course, the freedom to go to places with you.” He ended with a smile.

The boy I love

I don’t know what to tell you guys, the boy I love, is sorta broken. Good news is, I’m sorta broken too so we fit right in. And so just like that, while doing stupid chores, all sweaty and disgusting inside the kitchen of a top floor furnace like apartment, we had a moment. And mind you, it was nothing but a moment, but somehow it gave me a new hum to carry on doing the dishes and gave him a fresh tune to whistle while mopping our gigantic living room (you won’t realize how big the room is until you start to sweep/mop it).

Cooking at home

One of the greatest joys of being at home so far has been cooking together! We’ve been cooking like never before during this down time. I cannot believe that I actually found the energy to make this effort to chop, sauté and cook, every other day, but having Nachi by my side helps a LOT! No, not every day has been Instagram worthy, but every meal actually has been wonderful. Having lunch together while watching TV or just talking, on a working afternoon: Who would have thought! So, before we run out of the fancy groceries and resort to seddho bhat (boiled rice), let me list down some of the wonderful dishes we have cooked so far, not just to share them with you, but to remind ourselves later on, what it feels like to cook with people you love, for people you love, and then eat with people you love, even during the direst of times. We’ll upload the recipes soon as well and link them here.

Daab chicken

Daab Chicken served with rice

Shahi Pulao and Chicken Keema

Chicken Keema Masala and Shahi Pulao made by Sanchari
Get the recipe for Chicken Keema here

Dhania chicken

Yummy Dhania Chicken prepared by Sanchari

French toast and fruits

Scrumptious breakfast with French toast and apples

Egg cheese fried Maggi

Egg Fried Maggi
(we forgot to take photos 🙁 )
Image Courtesy: Confessions of a Weekend Cook

Luchi and niramish alur dum

Almost fluffy luchis made by Sanchari

Chicken Rezala

Delicious Chicken Rezala prepared by Nachiketa

So, that’s how our lockdown has been going. We’ve been cooking a lot, swearing like a sailor over the incredible heat and giving each other stupid reasons to laugh every once in a while. I mean, isn’t that what life is all about?

How has your lockdown been going? Please share with us in the comments section and definitely tell us what you have been cooking all this while.